Craving Mexican Food? How About Healthy Fajitas!

Peppers to Make Your Fajitas Sizzle

If you’re like me – sometimes you just have to get your fix of salsa, guacamole, beans and tortillas. But traditional Mexican or Southwestern food can pile up the calories and fats. Here are some healthy alternatives to help you get your fix but still feel good walking away from the table.

Protein – there are many choices to fuel your body with the nutrients protein provides and help maintain lean muscle.

Traditional options include:

Chicken breastBeef skirt steakPork loin
ShrimpMahi MahiCatfish

Other options to consider:


Anything that can be grilled is worth a try!

Vegetables – speaking of grilling, that’s what makes fajitas such a treat. The flame helps turn natural sugars into caramelized goodness! There are endless combinations but here are the main choices for the fajita lovers in my house.

Bell peppersWhite onionsAnaheim chilies
AsparagusGreen beansCarrots
TomatoesMushroomsCorn from the cob

The finishing touches:

GuacamolePico de galloSalsa
CheeseTortillas – flour or cornLettuce wrap alternative
Pinto beansBlack beansSour cream

With an adventurous spirit you can create countless options and eat healthy the next time your Mexican food cravings bite!