Healthy Eating – Shifting Body and Mind to Veggie Focused Diet

Love those charred veggies!

As we all look for ways to eat healthier, my approach has been to increase vegetables while reducing fatty meats and starchy carbs. I actually found it to be a pretty easy transition once I made the shift in mindset. It can be a gradual change in approach and doesn’t necessarily need to be a complete and total change right away.

For example, maybe you are use to having a 10 ounce steak, a baked potato and a small side of carrots as a typical dinner. Start your transition by reducing your steak to 6 ounces, half a potato and add another green vegetable. I love broccoli, green beans, bell peppers or asparagus.

The secret is to start the change and over time your body’s cravings will gradually shift from starchy carbs to more complex, veggie carbs. As you work to adjust away from starch to green, your body will actually help you to make the change more permanent. Dropping a few pounds will probably encourage you too! Plus, don’t forget your workouts.

Eventually, you may begin to crave only green veggies and lean protein and actually cut the potato out altogether. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be a painful diet to endure for a set number of weeks. The goal is change your body and mind to a healthier image of a typical meal.

Notes: I have found that simply heating veggies in the microwave with a little bit of water for about 4 minutes provides a simple, easy way to prepare healthy veggies. Add a little black pepper and you are ready to serve. Another great option is to lightly toss veggies in olive oil and/or balsamic dressing and then bake for 15-20 minutes. This will provide a wonderful “charred” taste that really satisfies.